7″ Rick N Morty Ceramic Water Pipe


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7″ Rick N Morty Ceramic Water Pipe

Description :

The colorful Rick n Morty Mad Scientist Ceramic Bong is funny and features a removable glass bowl piece. Exquisite ceramic craft makes possible the exact replica of Rick. The 7″ bong stands on a solid 4″ square base that provides support and stability. Despite a peculiar shape, it’s angled perfectly in relation to the bowl piece for an ergonomic experience. The downstem in the artwork will cool down your hits as they diffuse through water. Get this uniquely designed ceramic bong to display in your house or go to sessions!


• Height: 7″
• Base: 4″
• Material: Ceramic
• Colorful Design
• Exact Replica of Rick
• Unique Mouthpiece
• Comes with Removable Glass Bowl Piece

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