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Indo Kratom Capsules For Sale

Each Kratom Kaps Indo contains 0.5mg of the rarest and purest White Vein Kratom Powder we could find.

Excellent for pain, inflammation, and notably increased energy and mental clarity.

Each bottle contains 100 caps and a total of 60 grams.

Buy Indo Kratom already capsulized for convenience. Kratom Kaps Indo is derived from the white veins of the mitragyna speciosa leaves found primarily in the rainforests of Indonesia. One of the rarest strains, Kratom Kaps Indo uses only the best white vein kratom found in the region to create a powerful energizing blend. White Vein Indonesian is unique in it’s alkaloid content and has notably smoother effects than traditional red or green strains. Kratom Kaps Indo provides ample energy without any negative side effects, such as jitters or irritability. Something to note is that high quality Indo strains cause significantly less side effects. This means less nausea and wobbles compared to other strains. Because of this, users report a mellower feeling overall. Each Kratom Kaps Indo contains .5mg of the finest white vein kratom conveniently weighed and placed into a capsule for you.

Benefits of Kratom Kaps Indo Include:

In comparison to red or green strains, Kratom Kaps Indo has a very unique set of alkaloids which make it one of the most desired strains. The alkaloids found in Indonesian kratom cause much longer lasting effects. White Vein Indo is known to have an increased alkaloid content with more than 25 naturally occurring chemical compounds found. One of the most prevalent alkaloids in Kratom Kaps Indo is 7-Hydroxymitragynine. This is typically found in higher quantities within the Indo version of white vein than any other strain. As a white vein leaf, users can also expect an increased percentage of Mitragynine to be present. Both of these alkaloids are primarily reported to act as potent analgesics. Mitragynine also has adrenergic receptor agonist qualities.

Usage and Dosage:

Start small with one to two capsules orally to start, then work your way up until desired effects are achieved. Every individual is different, and dosing should be tailored to the user.

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