Kratom Liquid Extract Energy Shot 2oz




Kratom Liquid Extract Energy Shot 2oz

Blast off with K Blast Kratom Liquid Energy Shot! A boosting 100mg of Mitragynine is in each shot of K Blast Energy Shots by K Shot. These new and high-dose Kratom Shots deliver a quicker and more powerful experience than Kratom users may be used to. Infused with the Kratom Shot are citrus elements for a more tropical flavor that elevates the experience. The special VESSL cap keeps the bottle completely contained so no air escapes. Once you open the bottle we suggest drinking it as soon as you can.

Key Features

  • 100% organically grown and harvested with care by native farmers who specialize in Kratom production
  • Powerful and quick-hitting Kratom Shot by the makers of K Shots
  • Each bottle contains 100mg of Mitragynine
  • All-natural herbal supplement that doesn’t use any added chemicals or foreign ingredients

Try K Blast by K Shot Kratom Liquid Extract Energy Shot and experience the powerful effects yourself!

K Blast Kratom Energy Shot

The K Blast Kratom Liquid Energy Shot is designed to provide you with a quick energy boost that lasts for hours. It contains natural ingredients such as Kratom, caffeine, and other herbs that stimulate your body and mind, enhancing your productivity and focus.

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa Extract 100mg, Purified H2O, vegetable USP Kosher Glycerin, Natural Flavoring, Natural Coloring, M. Speciosa Alkaloids, Ascorbic Acid, and Citric Acid.

Directions for Use: Twist the top to Activate, and Drink Immediately after Opening. You may also try our newly added k 80 kratom extract


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