O.P.M.S. Liquid Maeng Da Kratom Extract


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O.P.M.S. Liquid Maeng Da Kratom Extract

Each 8ml bottle contains 12 mg of Maeng Da Kratom, but in a convenient pre-measured bottle. Highly concentrated by employing state of the art extraction techniques means higher potency and more preservation of key alkaloids!

O.P.M.S. Liquid Maeng Da Kratom Extract: O.P.M.S. Liquid Maeng Da Kratom Extract was recently voted as the “best in class” kratom and has been a top rated kratom extract from 2013 to 2018!

O.P.M.S. Liquid Maeng Da Kratom Extract is an award-winning alkaloid blend harvested exclusively from the potent Maeng Da kratom strain. By employing a specialized extraction method of blending cool water and high pressure, the team at O.P.M.S. has mastered the extraction process to create higher concentrations of all the active ingredients within the Maeng Da plant itself, all while protecting the integrity of the key alkaloids.  The best part is O.P.M.S. has made this kratom extract easy to consume without all the bitter taste that usually comes along with kratom.

What You Get

Contents: 8ml bottle of O.P.M.S.Liquid Maeng Da Kratom Extract contains an actual 12mg of Maeng Da kratom.

Just one or two drops of this highly concentrated Maeng Da extract is enough to begin feeling the effects within minutes. For this reason, even frequent kratom consumers should begin with small doses at first until they are sure of how it will affect them. Because of the high concentration levels, it makes sense to buy O.P.M.S. Liquid Maeng Da Kratom Extract in bulk to save on doses and time. That is just one of the added benefits of buying a liquid kratom extract rather than powder or capsules. The human body actually absorbs the kratom liquid faster and more efficiently, which cuts down on the need to dose frequently.

How It Works

An established leader among all the kratom strains, Maeng Da has been one of the leading strains sold around the world for many years. O.P.M.S. Liquid Maeng Da Kratom Extract is noted to not only pack a punch energy wise, but it is said to produce blissful feelings of euphoria while easing pain simultaneously. To further add to convenience, measuring out doses is simple and easy with the pre-measured bottle. This allows the user to start with just a small drop or two in their tea or coffee and gradually increase amounts as they progress. Intended to be consumed as a full shot, this is not an extract designed for new kratom users! Be sure if you are new to kratom extracts to begin with just a single drop or two!

What Makes O.P.M.S. Liquid Maeng Da Kratom Extract Different?

The main difference between O.P.M.S. Liquid Maeng Da Kratom Extract and all the others is found within the highly specialized extraction method. Instead of boiling out the alkaloids with hot water like some extracts, O.P.M.S. uses cold water and high pressure to gently pull out the alkaloids while preserving the initial integrity. This is how O.P.M.S. gets it’s potency! More alkaloids are preserved by using this system over boiling, which has been proven to destroy large amounts of alkaloids.

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