Psychedelic Mushroom Chocolate Bars – 1.6oz





Microdosing mushroom chocolate bars

Buy Microdose Mushroom Chocolate Bars – 1.6oz – 6 Fun Flavors, from Diamond Shruumz, right here online and have them delivered right to your door!

The best dispensary deals now include these completely legal, trippy mushroom chocolate bars, segmented in microdose form!

    • Proprietary mushroom, cannabinoid and chocolate blends in 6 fun flavors!
        • Birthday Cake (White chocolate w/ sprinkles)


        • Dark Chocolate (Deep, dark chocolate bar)


        • Fruity Cereal (White chocolate w/ fruity rice cereal)


        • Cookie Butter (White chocolate with cookie dough)


        • Cinnamon Bar (white chocolate w/ cinnamon rice ceral)


        • Cookies and Cream (White chocolate w/ cookie bits)



      Magic mushroom edible chocolate

These chocolates use a proprietary method to create distilled and purified mushroom and hemp extracts. The results are calm, nootropic and trippy, euphoric effects.

Other natural ingredients include microdoses of CBDa, CBD, CBN, CBG and HHC to accentuate the effects of the mushrooms.

These bars come in six fun flavors and feature premium ingredients, using the best recipe for psychedelic mushroom edibles. Then, the bars are segmented into 15 pieces for easy trippy mushroom microdosing!

Dosing psychedelic mushroom edibles

These psychedelic mushroom and hemp extract chocolates from offer game-changing properties, and are not to be taken lightly!

With all edibles, it’s strongly recommended to start low and go slow to guage your reaction. Newcomers especially should begin with 1 segmented piece to gauge how these edibles affect you.

Since each person’s metabolism is different, some may find a low dose more than enough to have achieve a desired result, while others may need a full gummy or more.

Microdosing mushroom edibles

Diamond Shruumz mushroom gummies are designed to provide users with calming and relaxing, yet enlightening and lightly psychedelic effects.

We are just beginning to see some very interesting results in various clinical trials. So, microdosing mushrooms continues to attract mainstream media attention, helping reduce the stigma surrounding psychedelics and encourage responsible use.

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Dark Chocolate, Fruity Cereal, Cookie Butter, Cinnamon Bar, Cookies and Cream, Birthday Cake

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